Rug Padding

Our pads are custom cut to fit each carpet; our padding is a felted product with a rubber backing for hard surfaces (tile, hardwood, concrete). We have been told it is hypo-allergenic. padding will last 3-10 years depending on heat, humidity and use. Pads should generally be replaced every time your rug is professionally cleaned (ie every 4-6 years). They cannot be cleaned. If pads are “slipping” and dry, they are past their useful life.

If you wish to order a padding here is guidance:

  1. Measure the length and width of your rug (Don’t include the fringe in this measurement).
  2. We will cut your pad 2″ less than the dimensions you provide.
  3. You can order and direct any questions by emailing us at ‘’ or by calling ‘206-624-6263’.