Area Rug Cleaning

There are many myths and questions that people ask as far as cleaning their carpets.    We are always welcome customers calls and emails; here are the top queries we get:

  1. cost to clean?
  2. how long does it take?
  3. do you pick up?
  4. can your repair ____?
  5. Can you get my __ stain out?


  1. current cleaning cost is $3.35 per square foot for in store orders.    We measure fringe length too as its washed.
  2. Turn around averages five days.
  3. We do pick up and deliver; pricing is variable based on location.    We have minimum order sizes too please call!
  4. Most repairs are on the edges and ends.   These are often structural and also the most common.    Holes can usually be patched or re woven
  5. Stains: we do not guarantee removal of stains, marks or odors.    We work our best to remedy them, but cannot promise perfection.